Welcome to the Utah Pond of Blue Goose

               We are a part of an international fraternal organization whose members work in insurance or related areas throughout the United States and Canada.  The Honorable Order of the Blue Goose International has over a century of tradition and history.  Its regional organizations are called Ponds and its members Ganders.

                We meet monthly.  We come together for luncheon meetings with speakers, Summer, Christmas and Valentine parties, and seasonal monthly golf outings.  We work together to help various charities in Utah.  We travel to annual conventions which are family friendly each summer in a different city throughout the U.S. or Canada.

                The Utah Pond has its officers and committees which provide opportunities to serve and work with others.  Our members have found reasons to give time to Blue Goose when we all have other demands on our time.  These reasons include the fellowship of honorable people, education, to provide aid to charities and to gain leadership experience.


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